We have Ballet classes throughout the week at locations in Brighton and Kingston Nr. Lewes, Sussex, for boys, girls and teenagers and adults.

accepted from three years.

Our classes are for children of all abilities.
We offer examinations and competitions (optional).

The emphasis of the Bertram School of Dance is the enjoyment of dance.

We welcome new pupils at any time during the year so please see our Class list

Principal:  WENDY TUCKNOTT A.I.S.T.D - A.I.D.T.A
Bton. 01273 703328  E-mail

Founder:  Molly Caulder L.I.S.T.D., C.S.B., M.T.D.B.



Congratulations to all pupils who took their Cecchetti ballet exams on the 12th July 2014. We had 100% pass rates with 55% achieving distinctions and 45% merits. Our examiner Penny Kay was most encouraging and made the pupils feel at ease. All pupils came out of the examination room feeling very happy and elated. Their cheerful faces made the weeks of hard work worthwhile. What a wonderful day.

Some of the older students who will be starting pointe work spent a morning with me at Dancia, Portslade, near Brighton to purchase their first pair of pointe shoes. It was a very enjoyable morning and a very important occasion as it is crucial that shoes are fitted correctly to support the foot. They were all very excited and I know without exception how eager they are to start the new term.

Thank you to the staff in Dancia. They had a mountain of pointe shoes to put away when we left.
Wendy Tucknott (principal)


Fridays 6.00pm for beginners and those who danced when they were younger - term time only.
Improve flexibility, core strength, coordination and posture in a relaxed atmosphere.